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Armed Security Guard in Bakersfield

Most people take security for granted, yet its necessity has never been greater. With Bakersfield being such an unpredictable city, anyone could become vulnerable at any moment; therefore, more people are investing in security by hiring security guards to safeguard themselves.

With an armed security guard on site, you don’t need to be concerned with what’s happening around you – they have your back covered! Your worries and your insecurities will all be taken care of by this professional security service provider.

Armed and unarmed security in Bakersfield can differ significantly. Armed security has grown increasingly popular due to an increase in violent crimes. An armed security guard serves an invaluable purpose by keeping objects, people, locations or people secure.


What Does An Armed Security Guard Do in Bakersfield?

People typically associate an armed security guard with shooting or violent activities like chasing people. Of course, depending on the situation, an armed security guard might use his weapon to defend a person, object, or location; however, Bakersfield-based security guards have been specially trained not to resort to using weapons until there are no other means available for protecting whatever they’re guarding.

Security Monitoring in Bakersfield

An armed security guard’s primary role is monitoring and signaling. He or she does this at events and other locations – think music festivals in Bakersfield for instance where this activity would occur; an armed security guard monitors crowd behaviour to ensure everything runs smoothly, prevent disturbances from arising and provide assistance where necessary.

Object security involves employing an armed security guard to oversee an object and prevent its entry into the hands of other individuals. Armed security guards are frequently hired when transporting objects from one place to another and their main role is ensuring it arrives at its destination safely – particularly challenging in a city like Bakersfield where traffic makes their job even more demanding.


What else do armed security guards do? Signal. Simply monitoring isn’t enough if something unexpected arises – an armed security guard needs to act swiftly when something untoward occurs by signalling or acting directly if necessary.

With object security in Bakersfield, armed security guards are often hired to safeguard business premises within a business park. An armed security guard employs patrols to keep all parts of the premises secure; when on patrols they might notice irregularities such as defective doors left open by employees or defective access controls which need fixing; in these instances they should notify maintenance staff who will address these irregularities immediately.

Why You Should Hire An Armed Security Guard in Bakersfield?

Why would you hire an armed security guard instead of an unarmed one? To answer that question, one must examine recent trends at the start of 2020. 

Since more people are carrying guns, people want to ensure that their security can still protect them in case these gun owners wish to harm themselves or their properties. Therefore, people opt for hiring armed security guards as an extra measure.

Why You Should Hire California Security Services For Your Armed Security Guard Needs in Bakersfield?

At California security services, our security guards are all trained professionals with years of experience protecting Bakersfield. While licensed to carry guns, they will only use it if there is no other means available to protect you. With an armed security guard from our team. You can focus on what matters to you while we take care of your security. Contact Us Now and let’s get you protected.

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15+ Years Of Experience Combined management, field experience, & successful track history, we have over 45+ years of expertise

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Each service carries an insurance policy that pays up to $1 Million (3,000,000.00) per occurrence in which it covers property damage, bodily injury, etc.

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Their security officers are high quality, and the company has excellent customer service, with extremely friendly staff making them a easy-to-work with company. We give them a super thumbs up and support their awesome set of services!
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Their security officers are high quality, and the company has excellent customer service, with extremely friendly staff making them a easy-to-work with company. We give them a super thumbs up and support their awesome set of services!
John Doe
John Doe
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Their was very quick and the staff was amazing! My car looked brand new after the repairs were made.
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They were extremely helpful throughout the repair process of my car. It was very quick and it looked brand new. They were extremely friendly and fast!


The cost of hiring security guards varies considerably based on location, experience, and job requirements. Prices may also differ depending on whether it’s a one-time or ongoing service.

Yes, we are Licensed and insured. We have the best insurance available in the business. Our guards must also pass a thorough background check, including drug testing. We want to ensure that you get the best security officer possible.



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