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Protect Your Construction Site With California Security Services


Construction sites have become prime targets for criminals looking to steal expensive assets. Due to a lack of supervision after hours, unattended building sites often become the subject of crimes committed against them. Therefore, hiring an experienced security provider with experience protecting construction sites and anticipating criminal activity will help keep your site location protected against spectators and potential threats. 

Stop leaving your construction site vulnerable to crime or vandalism! We provide tailored security services tailored specifically for construction sites, such as: 

Security Officers for Construction Sites

Construction Site Guard Services 

Plain Cloth Security 

The following security services may also be offered on construction sites:

CCTV Camera 

Surveillance Systems 

Construction Site Access Control

SYS Internet Monitoring 

Security Guard Patrol

 Undercover Armed and Unarmed Mobile Patrol Services and Construction Site Surveillance with Uniformed Security Guards

Aren’t finding what you are searching for when it comes to security solutions? Call California Security Services at (844) 254 8273 now to talk with one of their security specialists and get advice from one of their experts!

At California Security Services, we offer complete construction site security solutions for construction firms. Our team of security experts are here to assist, whether it be a small building or a huge project spanning miles across. Our protection strategies for these areas ensure crimes are prevented before they happen and assets remain safe from theft or vandalism.

California Security Services has revolutionized the security guarding industry with our highly trained security personnel and technology-supported security service model, featuring both licensed and unarmed officers for your business to reduce crime, improve customer service, shorten response times or create safe environments. Whatever you are aiming to accomplish – whether reducing crime, improving customer experience, quicken response time or creating an unsafe environment – California Security Services has you covered!

High-Quality Security Cameras

Strategically placed security cameras are an invaluable way of safeguarding construction projects against theft, break-ins, arson and vandalism risks. Security cameras act as visible deterrents against criminal activity preventing it from beginning in the first place.


At California Security Services, our 24/7 monitoring and support services help ensure no crime goes undetected – giving your business peace of mind that its security is in good hands.

Why Should You Trust California Security Services To Safeguard Your Construction Site?

If the safety of your building site has been compromised, immediate assistance from a reliable security firm is required. When you contact us we’ll have a team of trained professionals on hand who understand how to respond swiftly and effectively in responding to threats against it.

Our team understands not only how to mitigate threats on building sites, but also how to take proactive measures so no risks, damage or losses occur in the first place.


Start Securing Your Construction Site Now! Do you believe your building site requires extra protection after working hours? California Security Services’ security professionals have provided security services for our clients and their employees’ safety for decades, so call us immediately on (844) 254 8273 and speak to one of our security specialists about how we can help!