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Are You Still Searching for an Effective Bakersfield Construction Site Security Company? Look No Further: our Bakersfield CA Construction Site Security Guards Are On Duty 24/7 To Safeguard Your Construction Site And We are Fully Licensed & Insured.

At California Security Services, we take construction site security seriously. Engaging our services will allow you to protect the construction site, equipment and workers on it as well as ensure their safety.

Hire Our Construction Site Security Team If:

If you don’t already have a security system in place for your construction site, organizing an event and want to ensure no one is put at risk, hiring construction site security guards for insurance purposes or require either armed or unarmed guards as part of an active construction site management contract are all good reasons to hire guards as security.

Establish a comprehensive protection plan for your construction site to reduce liability exposure

Nationwide Construction Site Security guards

24 Hour Construction Site Security guards

Emergency Construction Site Security guards