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Security guards are essential in maintaining order across various environments, such as businesses, public places, and events. There has been much discussion over their capabilities as security guards to find an answer to the question,”  Can a felon be an unarmed security guard?” In this article, we have outlined the factors that determine eligibility to work as a security guard. Security guards’ primary duties involve safeguarding property and lives by protecting areas, monitoring surveillance equipment, regulating access, and responding to emergencies – this requires high levels of trustworthiness, accountability, and professionalism from security guards.

State Rules And Regulations

Each state imposes its own set of regulations regarding hiring felons into the security sector, with some having more stringent restrictions than others, while some may take into account factors like nature and severity of offense, length of time since conviction and subsequent behavior of individual since then.

Background checks and reasons to get disqualified

“Can a felon be an unarmed security guard?” To answer the question,Security guards must undergo background checks during their hiring process, with felonies becoming particularly problematic when applying for jobs requiring extreme protection. Any felonies involving property theft, violence, or dishonesty could disqualify an applicant from employment as a security guard. Lying about a criminal past could cause immediate disqualification.

What Can Make A Felon Eligible To Get Hired As A Security Guard?

Rehabilitation and legal processes such as expungement may increase an ex-felon’s chances of becoming a security guard. Completion of probation, parole, or rehabilitation programs may show their efforts toward turning their lives around, while having felonies expunged can simplify getting their license. Being truthful about past convictions and showing remarkable personal growth can benefit the felon. Some Certificates can help felons become security guards to find an answer to the question “can a felon be an unarmed security guard?”

Certificate Of Relief Act Of New York City

New York offers two certificates of relief that can help felons get employment, housing, and education. These are certificates of relief from disabilities and certificates of good conduct.

 Certificate Of Relief From Disabilities

The Certificate of Relief from Disabilities omits legal restrictions or ineligibilities related to criminal behavior/felony. It applies only to individuals who committed misdemeanors or first-time felonies – repeat offenders cannot apply for it. It cannot be awarded where prison time has been served, but once released, they can go through the New York State Board of Parole to attempt to receive this certificate.

Certificate of Good Conduct

A Certificate of Good Conduct award removes any barrier to employment as a security guard. It is given to people with more than one offense on their records. The state Board of Parole may issue an administrative parole certificate after receiving a sentence by a judge that does not involve prison time. To become eligible for this certificate. Usually, between one and five years must pass, depending on the severity of the crime committed, and it also takes up to six months for the parole board to decide on issuing the certificate.

When Your Criminal Record Is Sealed.

When any felon’s criminal record is sealed, it means it is erased legally, and that individual can claim that he has never been found guilty of a crime. To be eligible to seal their record, the felonies must not commit any crime for 10 years from the day of release from jail.


Can a felon be an unarmed security guard?” is easy – yes. While challenges do exist, individuals with criminal backgrounds can find redemption through dedication, rehabilitation, and personal growth.

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