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Security guards typically lack the authority to arrest you; their primary tasks involve monitoring suspicious activities, deterring crime and protecting their assigned premises from injury or damage. While a security guard can temporarily detain you until law enforcement arrives, only police officers, sheriff’s deputies or other law enforcement officials have legal authority to arrest individuals.

 Therefore, individuals must understand this distinction between security guards and law enforcement officials to avoid confusion or legal complications later. This article will uncover the facts related to” Can security guards arrest you?”

Can security guards arrest you? -Types of Arrest

Before discussing the answer to the question” Can security guards arrest you?” it is necessary to comprehend who has the authority to arrest suspects. There are two types of arrest, which are as follows.

Police or Custodial Arrest:

The most frequently occurring type, this arrest involves law enforcement taking someone into custody when there is a warrant, probable cause to do so or either during the commission of a crime or the search for criminal activity.

 Citizen’s Arrest:

 As its name implies, citizens can arrest individuals when necessary without legal authority present – often during the criminal activity itself or when warrants, probable causes or warrants exist for doing so.

Citizen arrest is a legal mechanism enabling community members to temporarily stop someone suspected of breaking the law before law enforcement arrives to intervene. People must understand their limits since there can be differing laws governing citizen arrests.

Circumstances under which security guards can arrest you.

Security guards play a vital role in maintaining safety, but their authority to arrest is limited. Here are circumstances when a security guard might detain you:

  • Caught in the Act:

If a security guard witnesses you committing a crime or holding a weapon on the premises they protect, they may detain you until the arrival of law enforcement.

  • Probable Cause:

A security guard might detain you temporarily if forbidden objects are found during the security check.

  • Trespassing:

Entering restricted areas without authorization can lead to detention by security personnel.

  • Refusing to Cooperate:

Non-cooperation or resisting security instructions may result in temporary detention or arrest. Remember, while security guards can detain, formal arrests are the jurisdiction of law enforcement. Always cooperate and seek clarification if unsure.


So, after our discussion, the answer to “Can security guards arrest you?” is pretty much no. They’re not like those in movies where security guards use handcuffs and sirens; instead, they serve as friendly helpers, ensuring everything’s OK. However, they might stop you from doing something they consider unacceptable, but remember, if things become severe, the police are responsible. So stay calm, follow all rules, and ask if you are uncertain or confused! This way, everyone stays safe and content!

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