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California shines with sun-kissed beaches and abundant opportunities. If you are searching for a stable career path with varied experiences that provide real impactful potential, consider security guarding! But How do I become a security guard in California?

At California Security Services, we understand the booming need for skilled security professionals and have put together this detailed roadmap to lead you through every stage of becoming a licensed security guard in California.

Step One: Fulfilling Requirements

Becoming a security guard in California requires meeting certain basic criteria, including 

  • being at least 18 years old 
  • passing a criminal background check 
  • receiving clearance to complete fingerprint live scans (in California only)

Notes to Bear In Mind:

Although not required by state law, California security companies often prefer candidates with high school degrees or GEDs as security officers. In addition, having excellent physical fitness levels, communication abilities and attention to detail will increase their odds in this profession.

Step Two: Security Guard Training

California law mandates that prospective security guards obtain training before applying for licensure. There are two training pathways available.

  1. Power to Arrest Course (8 hours): This introductory course covers legal considerations, use of force procedures and detention processes; upon successful completion, you can commence work as a security guard while further training takes place.
  2. 40-hour Guard Card Training: This intensive program covers every aspect of Power to Arrest while simultaneously teaching additional security techniques like patrol techniques, fire safety precautions and first aid.

California Security Services can connect you with reliable training providers near your location while offering valuable resources on security guard training on our website.

Step Three: License Application and Live Scan

Once training has concluded, the next step should be applying for your Security Guard Registration Card with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The process includes providing fingerprints for processing as part of this application as well as paying any applicable fees and taking an open book exam on Power of Arrest.

Live Scan fingerprinting is an electronic method to capture fingerprints electronically for use in conducting background checks, with authorized Live Scan operators located throughout California.

Step Four: Renewal and Ongoing Education

Security guard licenses in California expire every two years and to maintain them, renewal should take place through an application and completion of 8 hours of continuing education within those two years. To do this effectively and ensure its longevity, complete an 8-hour continuing education class every year during the renewal timeframe and apply with payment by May of each year to renew it successfully.

California Security Services stands ready to keep you abreast of upcoming training sessions and renewal dates.

Bottom Line

By carefully following these steps and joining an appropriate California security company, you can set yourself on the path toward a rewarding security guard career in California.

Our website boasts an abundance of information regarding security guard careers, training options and job prospects in California. Let us assist in turning your California dreams into tangible accomplishments!

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