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Security guards are essential in maintaining safety and security in private property, commercial premises, government buildings, etc. Primarily, the employer needs to ensure the credibility and reliability of the security guard through a comprehensive background check so that they can feel confident that the person they are hiring is trustworthy with no criminal background or character and can be given the responsibility to protect people and property they put in their care. “How far back does a security guard background check go?” Let’s explore the importance of background checks and factors that should be checked in security guards’ backgrounds.

Criminal record

Ensuring the reliability of a security guard is paramount, and checking their criminal history is a crucial step. let’s find out “ How far back does a security guard background check go?” Criminal background checks may vary from state to state and employer to employer. Criminal history checks may go 7 to 10 years back.

A criminal history check is started by contacting the local police department or relevant law enforcement agencies. Request a criminal background check, providing the necessary details like the candidate’s full name and date of birth. Additionally, online platforms may offer accessible background check services. Its purpose is to uncover any red flags, such as convictions, arrests and terminations for misbehavior, that might compromise their role in protecting their environment.

Character evaluation

Character evaluations and reference checks provide employers with insight into an applicant’s personality and work ethic, with employers often consulting past employers or personal references that span seven to 10 years. State regulations, individual security businesses’ policies, customer needs and federal contract agreements could affect how extensive or comprehensive background checks may be needed for certain high-security positions.

When the background check of a security guard is performed?

At two points in a security guard’s life, background checks may occur: first, before being issued a guard card from the state and second, before employment with a company.

1. State-mandated checks

While some states allow for extenuating circumstances, most would not permit you to secure employment if you have been found to possess criminal record information.

2. Employer Checks

To ensure their guards are upstanding, smaller security companies rely on state background checks and licensing requirements to select security guards – although those holding an official guard card needn’t worry!

However, larger security companies tend to conduct more stringent background checks because they offer more specialized services like armed guards or delivery protection. More rigorous background checks will be performed if a security post requires greater responsibilities.


In conclusion, we have the answer to the question,” How far back does a security guard background check go?”. The timeframe for a security guard background check, typically seven to ten years, aims to provide a thorough understanding of an applicant’s recent history. By exploring criminal, employment, and financial aspects, this process ensures safety and trust in the security profession, fostering a secure working environment.

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