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Security guards are integral in keeping various environments running smoothly, from shopping malls to corporate offices. If this field delights you or sparks interest, one question immediately arises: how much does a security guard make an hour?

Exploring the Landscape:

 The earning potential of security guards requires thinking about many elements that contribute to their hourly earnings, such as location, experience, industry demand and supply and salary range calculation. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2023, in the US alone, hourly pay averaged $15.41 an hour.


“Location is key when it comes to security guard salaries”, just as in real estate. Metropolitan areas offer higher wages due to higher demand and living costs- so a security guard in New York City might command a much higher hourly rate compared with their counterpart in a smaller town.

Experience Pays Off:

Experience is often crucial when considering how much does a security guard make an hour. Just starting? Unheartened as entry-level roles often serve as stepping stones towards higher-paying roles; while experienced security professionals with more specialized skills could earn an attractive hourly wage.

Industry Dynamics: Security guards serve in many different industries; from construction sites to concert venues, they protect everything. Their hourly compensation may depend upon which sector in which they’re employed – for example, those providing high-risk environments like banks or airports could command higher hourly wages compared to someone based at a retail store.

Negotiating Your Package:

When contemplating how much an hour security guard makes, it is essential to recognize the opportunity for negotiation. While some companies offer set rates, others may be open to discussing your employment based on unique skills or certifications you possess. Engaging in proactive dialogue and showcasing your expertise could result in more favourable compensation packages for security guards.


How much does a security guard make an hour reveals various variables at play: location, experience, industry and negotiation skills all play into it. Understanding these factors empowers you to make informed decisions that increase your earning potential as a security professional. Therefore, answering this question effectively depends upon many different elements; with this knowledge, you are better prepared to navigate this exciting field of security!

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