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Security guards are crucial in providing safety and security in hospitals, where patient, staff, and visitor safety are paramount. “How much does a security guard make at a hospital?” It’s a question that creates curiosity and holds practical importance for those considering a career in hospital security. In this article, we will discuss the average salaries earned by security guards working diligently to ensure the safety of patients and staff in American hospitals.

 Location Matters:

Location is essential when we discuss the answer to the question,” How much does a security guard make at a hospital? In states with a higher cost of living, such as California or New York, the average annual pay is comparatively high due to the increased expenses of everyday life, and in states like Texas or Florida, where the cost of living is more moderate, the salary range might be towards the lower side.

Experience as a Currency:

Consider experience as the currency in the realm of security guard salaries. Starting, security guards might find themselves on the lower end of the pay scale. However, as they accumulate experience and expertise, they can gradually climb the salary ladder. It’s akin to a journey where each year of service adds value to their skillset, translating into a higher paycheck.

 The Average Hourly Pay For A Hospital Security Guard:

So, “How much does a security guard make at a hospital?” Pay for hospital security guards can vary significantly based on location, experience and policies at each hospital. On average, however, you should expect an hourly wage between $15-25 – this estimate may differ based on individual circumstances and may also depend on other considerations such as overtime pay.

The Average Yearly Pay For A Hospital Security Guard 

Hospital security guards typically earn an annual average salary between $35,000 to $45,000. Their compensation may differ depending on where they work and their experience; some places might pay them more due to increased living costs.

Top 10 Cities That Pay The Highest For Hospital Security Guard Jobs.

We’ve identified 10 cities where salaries for Hospital Security Guard jobs exceed the national average of $39.591. Santa Cruz, CA, leads this list, followed by Sunnyvale and Livermore, both California cities; Santa Cruz’s salary stands out by 23.0% above Livermore’s. Livermore outdoes the national average by 21.2%, while Santa Cruz continues this trend by exceeding it even more at 23.13% compared with each city’s $39,591 average salary.

With 10 cities boasting average salaries higher than the national average, changing locations as a Hospital Security Guard may present considerable economic advancement opportunities.

As another factor, the average salary between Santa Cruz, CA, and Saint Paul, MN, does not differ significantly by more than 7% – suggesting a limited potential for wage advancement. A lower cost of living may be the key deciding factor when considering location and salary for hospital security guard roles.

 5 High-Paying Hospital Security Guard Jobs In The U.S.

At least five jobs within the Hospital Security Guard job category offer salaries greater than an average Hospital Security Guard salary annually, such as Senior Guard, Coast Guard Investigative Service and Lead Security Guard roles.

Importantly, each job pays between 34.546% and 102.86% more than the average Hospital Security Guard salary of $39.591 if you meet all of their qualifications. Becoming one may help you make more than its counterpart position could.


In general, answering the question  How much does a security guard make at a hospital?” is far from straightforward; rather, it depends on various factors, including location, experience and the perceived value placed on their role as security professionals. Their salary should reflect this dedication rather than simply being another number to add up!

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