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Are You Confused about Armed Security Guard Salaries in California? Don’t Panic. We Have All Your Answers Here. At California Security Services, we recognize the significance of compensation when making decisions about careers in armed security. Carrying weapons requires courage as well as specific skill sets – so, How much does armed security make?

Factors That Affect Armed Security Guard Salaries

Answering this question cannot be simplified into an equation – multiple variables contribute to an armed security guard’s salary in California:

  • Experience: Experience is often seen as being a key factor when it comes to salary; entry-level guards typically receive lower starting pay compared to their more experienced colleagues.
  • Location: Security guard positions in high-cost-of-living cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles typically command higher salaries to offset increased living costs. This helps compensate for this additional living expense burden.
  • Employer Information: Security firms offer variable compensation packages; larger firms might provide more attractive salaries and benefits packages compared to smaller firms.
  • Specializations: Certain specializations can increase your earning potential significantly. Certifications or specializations, like experience in K-9 units or executive protection, can significantly expand this pool of earnings potential.
  • Shift and Overtime Work: Working evenings, weekends, and holidays typically bring with it extra pay differentials; similarly guards willing to accept overtime shifts can boost their income significantly.

Salary Ranges for Armed Security Guards in California

Here is an idea of the salary range for California security guards with arms:

1. Hourly Rate 

The hourly pay rate typically ranges between $16 to $28, with most guards earning approximately $19.78 an hour.

2. Monthly Salary

This represents an approximate monthly salary range between $3,200 to $5,600 with an average of approximately $3,543.

3. Annual Salary

Armed security guards in California can expect an annual average income between $38,400 and $67,200.

California Security Services Offer Competitive Compensation Plans and More

At California Security Services, we recognize the valuable role our armed security guards play in maintaining clients’ safety. As such, we offer competitive salaries and benefit packages tailored specifically for each armed guard’s experience and qualifications.

California Security Services provides competitive salaries as part of their benefits for working here, in addition to offering other advantages:

  • Paid training and development opportunities
  • career advancement paths
  • comprehensive health insurance plans 
  • paid time off and vacation days

Are You Prepared for Armed Security Solutions in the Future?

Are You Seeking Reward and Difference in your Career Path? Consider Joining California Security Services’ Team! We are always seeking qualified individuals with strong work ethics who wish to join our ranks! We welcome applications.Check out our current openings for armed security guards in California or contact us now to gain more insight into our company and find out more about the advantages of working together with us!

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