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California Security Services is a long-existing security service provider across California and we are actively on the lookout for the qualifying individuals who are willing to be security guards or armed guards to join our team. But how to become an armed security guard? This blog post will show how an armed security guard career could be the perfect path forward! Here you will learn what steps must be taken to start this exciting path at California Security Services!

How does a Security Guard Equipped with Firearms Perform his Duties?

While armed security guards are often a crucial part of security solutions, their role is not simply being a human shield for people, property, and assets. Their duties depend on each assignment but typically include:

  • Patrolling assigned areas and monitoring for suspicious activity  
  • Enforcing rules and regulations on secured properties
  • Responding to alarms or emergencies
  • Detaining individuals suspected of criminal activity  
  • Delivering customer service while creating a safe environment.

California’s Requirements for an Armed Security Guard

To be considered as an armed security guard in California, there are certain qualifications, the BSIS has established. Here’s an outline of these key requirements:

  1. Minimum Age: 21
  2. Education Requirements: High school Diploma or GED  
  3. Licenses and Certifications Requirements: California Guard Card (License), Firearms Permit issued by California Department of Justice, BSIS Approved Armed Guard Training Course.

The California Security Services Advantage: Training and Support

At CSS, we recognize the significance of providing thorough training and ongoing support to our armed security guards. That is why we offer:

  • Pre-licensing training programs: Our in-house and BSIS-approved online courses can assist with preparation for the California Guard Card exam.
  • Firearm Training: Firearm training with qualified instructors ensures proficiency and safe handling.
  • Mentorship programs: Working with armed guards with experience generates effective lessons and assistance for those in the early phases of their careers and through mentoring programs.
  • Attractive benefits package: We have a health insurance plan, paid leave benefits, and options for career growth and advancement.

CSS Gives Chances to Start Your Career by Yourself Now

California Security Services not only provides employment but also furnishes a wide range of other attractive benefits. We provide a supportive working environment and competitive salary with the opportunity to be part of an elite guard team. Our goal is to create a safe community and keep California secure.

Are You Prepared to Walk the First Step?

Are You Looking for how to become an armed security guard? Please visit our careers page for available positions, then apply! We look forward to speaking with you! We’d be glad to see where life leads you next!

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