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Security services require licensing to function legally and professionally, making licensure essential if you want to pursue this career path in Colorado. In this blog post we’ll walk through “how to get a security guard license in Colorado”; making sure that when embarking upon this rewarding path we equip you with all of the knowledge and resources that will aid your endeavor!

Colorado’s Requirements

Before starting the process of “how to get a security guard license in Colorado”, it is essential that you gain an understanding of its licensing application requirements. Security guards in Colorado are controlled by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), where each applicant has to meet different criteria including; age requirements, legal residence and criminal background checks for one to be able granted a license.

Attaining Basic Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to secure a security guard license in Colorado, applicants should 

  • typically be at least 18 years old
  • possess an accredited high school diploma or its equivalent  
  • legally reside or eligible to work within the US

In addition, candidates will undergo a criminal background check that varies based on localities of application.

Fill Out Required Training

In Colorado, a state-approved training program is an essential requirement of licensure for security guard license applicants. These training courses are on critical issues such as legal obligations, emergency protocols and conflict resolution strategies – even though the length of time for which one needs to be trained might vary depending upon whether it is an unarmed security guard license or armed ones.

Submitting Your Application

After fulfilling all eligibility criteria and training requirements, and meeting all the prerequisite training courses, the next step in applying for licensure with DORA should be to submit an application form along with supporting documentation such as 

  • proof of identity
  • training completion certificates
  • background check information

It’s vital that all required documents remain accurate in order to avoid delays when processing your application.

Passing the Examination

In Colorado, applicants for security guard licenses are also expected to pass a written examination that assesses your knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and industry best practices. Prep is key; be sure to review study material and practice exams as soon as you begin their training program to increase your odds of success on this examination.

Integral Part of Security Guard License

Depending on the specific type of security guard license that interests you, there may be additional requirements that must be satisfied for licensure to take place. For instance, those seeking an armed license might require firearms training and certification as part of their standard training program. It’s wise to research any additional criteria related to licensure so as to complete these as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

Maintain Your License

Before you think that your security guard license has been secured, it is imperative to note down the state of Colorado requirements and regulations and adhere by them. These include 

  • keeping up-to-date on continuing education obligations
  • renewing in a timely manner 
  • maintaining your criminal history record cleanly

 – otherwise leading to either suspension or revocation of license.

Final Thoughts

How to get a security guard license in Colorado? The process of obtaining a security guard license in Colorado involves several steps, and it requires thorough preparation while adhering to state specifications. At California Security Services, we make sure that knowledge of requirements, appropriate training and the completion of a lengthy application can be employed as steps on your path to becoming successful in this part of industry. Recall licensure both as a legal imperative but also recognition of professionalism and safety!

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