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Are You an Armed Security Guard in California? An armed Security Guard license in California is essential if you plan to enter the security industry as an armed guard, carrying firearms. Acquiring such a license ensures you meet California’s stringent requirements regarding training and background checks while increasing career prospects and offering superior levels of protection in various security roles.

The Process to Get the Armed Guard License in California:

Acquiring an armed security guard license in California involves multiple steps. Here is a guide that can assist in this endeavor and satisfy all requirements for success.

1. Fulfill the Basic Eligibility Requirements: Make sure that you fulfill the basic eligibility criteria: 18 or over with no criminal convictions and are legally permitted to work in the US.

2. Complete Training: It is equally crucial that all of the required training be completed. California law stipulates 40 hours of security guard training that covers topics like arrest powers, weapons of mass destruction training, public relations practices, and report writing.

3. Secure Your Firearms Permit: To legally own or carry firearms, to do so legally it will take 14 hours of training: 8 classroom instruction hours and 6 range practice sessions with a focus on firearm safety, shooting techniques, and legal considerations related to having and owning one.

4. Submit an Application: Following completion of training, submit your application to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Your submission should include proof that training was completed as well as evidence of passing a background check; an online application form can be found there.

5. Navigating Background Checks with Ease: Background checks are an integral component of California armed guard license applications, including Live Scan fingerprinting that will be reviewed by both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

6. Get Your License in California: After passing both background check and application processes successfully, your security guard license in California will be approved allowing you to legally work as an armed security guard in this state.

7. Maintain Your License: Finally, uphold your armed security guard license by fulfilling its annual training requirements and renewing it every two years. In particular, 8 hours of continuing education must be completed annually while your firearms permit needs to be renewed every other year.

By following these steps, it’s possible to successfully secure a security guard license in California and ensure armed guards are thoroughly prepared to fulfill their responsibilities.

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