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California Security Services prides itself on offering unparalleled security solutions and building an elite team. If you’re interested in becoming an armed security guard in the Golden State, this blog post “How to get armed security license?” will walk you through the licensing process for getting one!

Eligibility Requirements: Step One

Make sure that you satisfy these eligibility criteria:

  1. Minimum Age: You must be 21 or over to apply.
  2. Educational Requirement: Either high school graduation or GED completion are compulsory requirements. 
  3. Citizenship Status Requirement: As U.S. citizen or permanent resident status with a valid Alien Registration Card are essential criteria, candidates are expected to submit additional supporting materials that fulfill these conditions for consideration.
  4. Clear Criminal Background: You must pass an extensive background check, free from felonies or disqualifying misdemeanors that might disqualify them from consideration for employment.
  5. Character Fitness: To demonstrate good moral character is of vital importance when seeking employment as a teacher.

Firearm Proficiency is A Key Component

An effective security guard requires proficient weapon-handling skills. Here’s what’s needed:

Firing Arms Training

Enroll in an approved state firearms course led by an instructor qualified in firearms use to gain hands-on firearm training that addresses safe handling, marksmanship, and legal aspects associated with gun use. This class should cover: safe handling techniques; marksmanship techniques and legal issues concerning their usage.

Live-Fire Qualification Test 

You will be expected to pass a live-fire qualification test as an armed security guard in California, showing proof of your skill with handling and shooting firearms.

Licensing Procedure (Step-by-Step Guide)

The California BSIS oversees the licensing process; here’s an outline of its steps:

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting: Organise live scan fingerprinting at an approved facility. 
  • Application Submission: Obtain and complete a BSIS Private Security Officer Registration Application (PSOR 100). Submit with required fees and fingerprint results for review and submission.
  • Background Check (if Applicable): To satisfy BSIS guidelines for an armed guard qualification application.
  • Qualification Approval (if Applicable): Proof of firearms training and qualification will need to be provided as evidence of competence.
  • License Issuance: Once all steps have been completed, the BSIS will grant your security guard license.
  • Additional Considerations: Maintain your license by participating in ongoing training courses mandated by BSIS to remain licensed.

Enter California Security Services to Start Your Career Today

California Security Services recognizes and rewards its armed security guards with competitive compensation packages, growth opportunities, and an inclusive work environment. Armed security guard license holders have many career prospects within our company to explore!

If you possess the qualifications and are passionate about security, California Security Services provides an engaging working environment where your skills can make a real difference in people’s lives. Visit our careers page today or reach out directly for more details regarding available opportunities!

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