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The security of any nation is of utmost importance, and various specialized forces play an essential role in safeguarding its sovereignty and well-being. One such specialized force that plays an integral part in upholding our safety and well-being. What is National Security Guard? We will explore the role the NSG elite force plays in maintaining national safety.

Establishing the National Security Guard

NSG is a special operations unit created in 1984 in India to bolster response capabilities against terrorist acts, hijackings, and other high-level security threats. Operating under India’s Ministry of Home Affairs out of New Delhi.

What Is the Mission of the National Security Guard?

It was created with one goal in mind: neutralizing terrorist threats effectively and efficiently. As an elite force, they are equipped and trained to handle hostage situations, hijackings, and terrorist attacks with precision and efficiency. Deployed as needed when standard law enforcement agencies cannot handle complex or intense threats alone, the NSG offers invaluable additional assistance in such circumstances.

Skilled Training and Capabilities.

Members of the NSG receive extensive training that encompasses marksmanship, close-quarter battles, explosive handling, and counterterrorism tactics. The force is comprised of two main units: Special Action Group (SAG) and Special Rangers Group (SRG), respectively; SAG is responsible for counter-terrorism operations while SRG supports them during situations like bomb disposal or post-blast analysis.

National Security Guard in Action: Five Instances

Operation Black Tornado (2008 Mumbai Attacks): The NSG played an essential role in responding to coordinated terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Their swift and precise actions helped neutralize attackers quickly while minimizing casualties.

2. IC-814 Hijacking (1999): When Indian Airlines Flight IC-814 was hijacked in 1999, the NSG played an instrumental role in the Kandahar, Afghanistan rescue mission to release hostages successfully.

3. Pathankot Air Force Base Attack (2016): NSG commandos were called upon to prevent an attempted terrorist attack against Pathankot Air Force Base, demonstrating their capabilities to handle high-stakes situations effectively.

4. Akshardham Temple Attack (2002): The NSG responded swiftly and successfully to an attempt by militants to storm the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, neutralizing them effectively.

5. Parliament Attack (2001): In response to a terrorist attack against India’s Parliament in 2001, the NSG was deployed in response to secure its premises and neutralise any assailants.


This is an essential element of India’s security infrastructure and an expert at counter-terrorism and special operations. Their unwavering dedication to their mission and successful handling of high-profile security challenges demonstrate their significance as part of safeguarding national safety. Understanding “What Is National Security Guard” helps recognize their significance as part of maintaining national security.

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